> Ethanol Fireplace Design
We are the first group of ethanol fireplace manufacturer in Iran.

Ethanol fireplaces also known as alcohol fireplaces in some countries.

Burner materials:
Ethanol fireplace inserts can be produced from these materials:
Stainless steel
Optional Accessories:
Remote control
Objects that allow you to fill your burner tank easily
Adjustable flame height
شومينه الکلي پاييز
Autumn decor
Design and Produce Ethanol fireplaces
Safety Quality Elegance
You can see some of our project's pictures and also you can see some journal photos for more idea.

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Commercial Products

These Burners have yellow and big flame however they have controlled heath that allows to use these burners in any materials like MDF and dry walls.

We offer two package for export:

145 Euro

195 Euro

Price include every necessary items and packaging

Min order: 6 set