How does an ethanol fireplace work?
In contrast to an electric fireplace, a real fire burns in an ethanol fireplace. For this purpose, liquid bioethanol is burned inside the fireplace. The fuel bioethanol offers numerous advantages:

Residue-free, pollutant-free combustion without soot or smoke
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no chimney connection and no permit required
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In the high-quality ethanol fireplaces , a combustion chamber is usually built in, in which the fire is ignited. The combustion chamber consists of the base support, the ethanol burner , a safety tray and an extinguishing mechanism. If the fireplace has a slider, the flame height and the heat output can also be adjusted. The slide also enables the flame to be extinguished if necessary by interrupting the air supply.

How does an ethanol fireplace work?
How do I light an ethanol fireplace?
How safe is an ethanol fireplace?
What is the right ethanol fireplace for me?
What do I have to consider when buying an ethanol fireplace?
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How do I light an ethanol fireplace?
To start a fire in the ethanol fireplace, you must light the fuel in the combustion chamber. Our liquid Gala Ethanol consists of 96.6 percent vegetable-derived alcohol and is non-toxic, but also extremely flammable. For your own safety, careful use of fuel should be a top priority. You should therefore keep your distance from the ethanol when lighting the fireplace and use a stick lighter or a long match. As soon as the ethanol burns, the fireplace heats up to its operating temperature in a matter of minutes. A safety burner is strongly recommended as it cannot cause deflagration.

How safe is an ethanol fireplace?
As long as you handle the fuel responsibly and carefully, the ethanol fireplace is very safe. So be especially careful when handling the ethanol. To fill the chimney, we recommend a special filling aid so that nothing spills out. Also, keep the fuel away from the ethanol fireplace in a cool, dark place out of the reach of children and animals. There are also a few things to keep in mind when setting up the fireplace:

The room has to be

Have a minimum size derived from the maximum heat and ethanol consumption of the fireplace.
The ethanol fire removes oxygen from the air. You should therefore ventilate the room sufficiently while the fireplace is in operation.
The fireplace must be a reasonable distance from furniture, curtains and other combustible materials.
Do not leave the house while the flame is burning in the fireplace and should always keep an eye on the fire.
Purchase a safety burner. This prevents spilling over and deflagration.
When choosing an ethanol fireplace, you should focus on quality for your own safety. A high-quality ethanol fireplace is a bit more expensive, but convinces with higher safety standards that are tested by independent institutes. In our range you will find certified fireplaces that comply with the DIN 4734-1 standard. This standard is checked by the TÜV, for example.

What is the right ethanol fireplace for me?
Our ethanol fireplaces not only have an extremely high safety standard and are extremely easy to use. These properties also enable a large number of different fireplace concepts. We can provide you with an enormous range of different fireplaces that can be integrated into your home according to your individual requirements. The standing fireplace is undoubtedly a classic fireplace. The wall fireplace, on the other hand, is one of the particularly unusual and spectacular looking ethanol fireplaces. Finally, a small table fireplace creates a very special ambience in the room. Discover the advantages of the different types of fireplace:

Standing fireplaces:
Ethanol fireplaces can be set up quickly and easily anywhere. This not only enables fireplace frames in the classic style, which imitate a traditional fireplace. In addition, you can expect very special design highlights such as the modern ethanol fireplaces from Muenkel Design in this category. We also have corner ethanol fireplaces ready for you here.
Wall fireplaces:
Modern ethanol fireplaces can also be integrated into a niche in the wall or attached to the wall. Whether in the living room, bedroom or bathroom, with the decorative design fire you give your home an atmospheric atmosphere.
Table fireplaces:
There is a place for a small table fireplace in every apartment. Whether you place the fireplace on the coffee table in the evening or on the dining table at dinner, the fireplace becomes an eye-catcher in the room. If you need a little more space, you can quickly move the fireplace aside.
Made-to-measure ethanol fireplace:
You haven't found the fireplace you want for your home yet? Don't worry, we can also make custom-made items. Together we will make your dream of the perfect ethanol fireplace come true!
Ethanol fireplaces are not only available for indoor use, but also for outdoor use. In our range you can expect numerous outdoor ethanol fireplaces, from rustic to modern. Too much choice? We would be happy to advise you when deciding on your new ethanol fireplace. A few important points should always be in focus.

What do I have to consider when buying an ethanol fireplace?
Before choosing an ethanol fireplace, there are a few questions that you need to be clear about. The most important thing is, of course, certification according to or compliance with DIN 4734-1, which proves the safety of the ethanol fireplace. With us as a specialist dealer, you can trust that we only sell fireplaces that comply with the legal standard. Therefore, you can confidently concentrate on the points that are important to you:

Where would you like to place the fireplace?
Which type of fireplace is the right one for you?
While you can make a magnificent standing fireplace the center of the room in the living room, there is often less space in the bathroom or bedroom. A cleverly placed table fireplace or an individual wall fireplace is recommended to create a special ambience. For the terrace or garden, we recommend a free-standing fireplace that can be moved to another location if necessary. Once these questions have been answered, you can choose a suitable model.

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We are your specialist dealer for ethanol fireplaces. Whether for indoors or outdoors, for standing or for the wall: You will find the right fireplace for your home in our range. With our classic ethanol fireplaces, you create the impression of a traditional fireplace without having to build an elaborate extraction system or the hassle of cleaning. The right accessories , such as imitation logs or crackling modules, reinforce the impression of a conventional wood fireplace. The ethanol fireplaces in modern design, on the other hand, show the possibilities of how the fire can be used decoratively and atmospherically today to enhance the atmosphere in the room. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of your fireplace and train you in the correct use of the fuel and the devices.

How warm does an ethanol fireplace get?
How much heat an ethanol fireplace gives off depends on its ethanol consumption. The chimneys produce a maximum of eight kilowatts of heat output per hour, most devices are around three kilowatts. Fireplaces operated with ethanol are not suitable as heating, therefore one should not speak of a heating output. Since they remove oxygen from the air, the room must be ventilated from time to time while a fire is burning in the fireplace. Apartments with ventilation systems and heat exchangers are an exception.

Which ethanol for the ethanol fireplace?
Here, too, we definitely recommend a high-quality ethanol from a specialist dealer, because cheap products often contain harmful additives that can also develop unpleasant smells when burned. You must find out which ethanol is suitable for your ethanol fireplace in the operating instructions for the fireplace. Of course, you can also get high quality bioethanol in our range. 99.9 percent bioethanol is no purer than 96.6 percent ethanol. It just contains less water and more ethanol. However, this leads to more heat being emitted, which can even damage your fireplace or, in the worst case, lead to a fire. In this regard, it is essential to observe the information provided by the fireplace manufacturer on the prescribed fuel.

Ethanol fireplace or electric fireplace?
In contrast to an electric fireplace, an ethanol fireplace can be set up independently of an energy source. While you need a socket to operate the electric fireplace, the ethanol fireplace can easily be moved to another place if necessary. Electric fireplaces today imitate a fire deceptively real, but the real flame of the ethanol fireplace is still a highlight that many would not want to miss. Whether an ethanol or an electric fireplace is more suitable for you is therefore always an individual decision, which you do not have to make alone. We will be happy to advise you on your choice and together we will find out which fireplace suits you best.

The standing ethanol fireplace - a decorative highlight
The blazing play of flames that flickers in the warming fireplace has been enjoying growing popularity for years. The ethanol fireplace is undoubtedly a particularly interesting alternative in this context, which enables a fireplace fire in a very clean and environmentally friendly and, when using a professional fireplace, extremely safe. The conception of such fireplaces allows for spectacular and extremely creative solutions which, as a striking eye-catcher, ensure a particularly sophisticated ambience.

The standing ethanol fireplace - a convenient solution with many advantages
The ethanol fireplace is now one of the most popular alternatives to rustic fireplaces such as the wood fireplace or the stove. With such a solution, your dream of having your own fireplace will come true in no time at all. Fireplaces that run on ethanol have many advantages. The ethanol fireplace works without a chimney or other extraction systems. Ethanol fireplaces such as the standing fireplace or the wall fireplace are operated with bioethanol as a fuel. This fuel is 100% organic and does not contain any chemical compounds. When bioethanol is burned, heat, carbon dioxide and water vapor remain, just like with human breath, which humidify the dry room air in winter.

A stank ethanol fireplace to match the individual ambience
Our ethanol fireplaces are not just simple bio fireplaces, they also have an extremely high safety standard and are extremely easy to use. These great properties ultimately enable a multitude of different fireplace concepts, which provide you with an enormous range of different fireplaces, which can be integrated into your home according to your individual ideas. The standing fireplace is undoubtedly a classic fireplace. The wall fireplace, on the other hand, is one of the particularly unusual and spectacular looking ethanol fireplaces. Ultimately, this ensures very special effects within the room ambience. There are also in this context, in addition to the wall fireplace and the conventional standing fireplaceA number of other extremely creative interpretations in the midst of a wide range of products, whose warming fire and uniform play of flames immerse the home oasis of well-being in a pleasant atmosphere. In addition, these extremely expressive fireplaces are a great eye-catcher.

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