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In 2013, in order to expand its activities, the Metal, Steel and Wood Decoration Group started to manufacture and produce study products in the field of ethanol alcohol fireplaces.
After studying, testing and consulting with experts and internal engineers, the first and most basic products were started to be manufactured and offered in the fall of 2013, products that are much safer and more refined than imported products.
Due to the welcome of our compatriots, the motivation of their service providers in this collection has increased more than before, and we continue to provide additional studies on the latest and most diverse products at home and abroad.

How does the first manufacturer of ethanol fireplaces in Iran claim the best and highest quality products?

Why choose Autumn Group products?

Autumn Group Product Features

Countless dear domestic and foreign decorators who have used our products many times encourage us to continue to innovate and update our products.

Autumn fireplace decoration, the leading in the world alcoholic fireplace industry !!

The reason for distinguishing the products of Payiz Group from other domestic and foreign manufacturers

Autumn Group is not only the innovator and the first manufacturer of decorative fireplaces, but also considers itself the best producer of these products both in the country and in comparison with other foreign products.

The feature of a decorative product in addition to proper performance, without side problems and safe is its beauty
Regarding the efficiency of the products, the utmost care is taken in its design, the smallest technical defects in each of the parts will not be acceptable under any circumstances.
Product safety is the most important feature that we have achieved the highest possible safety with many tests.

In producing the products of this group, in addition to selecting the best raw materials with the best quality
And in making them, the utmost elegance and precision are applied in its services so that the final product that reaches the consumer has the best possible quality both in terms of appearance and performance.
Autumn decoration group products have the following warranty and excellent after-sales service:

Return policy
In case of any appearance or technical problems after the delivery of the product, all payment costs will be refunded and the above product will be returned.
Warranty Replacement warranty
Replace the purchased product with another product in case of breakdown or technical problems
Guarantee Guarantee repairs
Repair the purchased product in case of breakdown, physical or technical defects

After-sales service includes, supply of required fuel, provision of new accessories, replacement of consumable parts

Of course, it is worth mentioning that the duration of providing the above services depends on the selected plan. The exact time will be stated in the sales invoice.

Due to the novelty of such products and less familiarity of consumers, some profiteers have taken advantage of this lack of knowledge and by copying the products of this collection in an unprincipled manner and using the contents, ideas, explanations and images of the site, it has disrupted The market for such products has become.
And by falsely claiming that their products are imported, they sell products with very low performance without any future responsibility.
The products of this collection not only compete with the imported samples, but also have better quality and efficiency in many fields than foreign products.
While respecting your choice, due to the importance of the safety of these products, before buying from the warranty, be sure to make sure of the executive work samples and the quality of the products and do not consider only the descriptions of a specific seller.
Autumn Alcoholic Fireplace The first producer and innovator of the most diverse designs and ideas of ethanol fireplace products